Migraine Treatment

There are several new findings in the treatment of migraines. This includes finding new pathways and mechanisms that lead to migraines. This research has led to new treatment modalities that are very selective in treating specific migraine syndromes. Although there are already many therapeutic options for migraine treatment, the most important thing about treating migraines is making sure the headache and symptoms are truly from a migraine. Often people with migraines have times when their medications stop working. Alternatively, a person goes through multiple medications seeing multiple providers in an attempt to find relief.

I have found that many people who suffer from seemingly resistant migraines often have more than one headache type simultaneously or they are not suffering from migraines in the first place. Vitamin deficiencies and autoimmune diseases can manifest themselves as migraine-like symptoms. Please come see us if you would like to determine your headache type, cause, and best mode of therapy with the least amount of medications.