Do you have Raynaud’s phenomenon? Do you get discoloration or pain of your finger-tips or toes when exposed to the cold? Do you think that it takes too long for your fingers, toes, and nose to warm up after being exposed to colder temperatures? This could mean that you have an exaggerated vasoconstrictive response to cold that could result in lack of blood flow and potential tissue damage to your digits. There are many treatments for this condition that could help reduce your chances of tissue damage.

It is also important to differentiate Raynaud’s from other diseases that can mimic the symptoms of Raynaud’s. Several autoimmune diseases can manifest similar symptoms as Raynaud’s and the treatment therapies for Raynaud’s in those mimics can actually worsen blood flow and potentially could result in loss of fingers or toes.

Our center specializes in vascular disorders and can help evaluate your symptoms to determine if you may have Raynaud’s or another disorder that can be treated.