Richard Foster, MS, RVS, RVT, RDMS

Registered Vascular Specialist

Richard has worked in various areas of ultrasound and neuro-imaging since 2000. He was fortunate to study under and run a vascular laboratory for Merrill P. Spencer, MD, an internationally renowned physician and inventor known for his groundbreaking work with Doppler ultrasound technology and a pioneer in stroke prevention. Richard has managed multiple hospital-based and independent cerebrovascular and vascular testing centers. He was involved in multiple advancements in both imaging and non-imaging neurovascular ultrasound for multiple medical manufacturers that are used throughout the world today. Richard has participated is multiple national and international research studies over the years in the areas of cerebrovascular stenting, peripheral arterial stenting, migraines, patent foramen ovale (PFO) and Sickle cell disease.

He is currently working with Dr. Aaron Heide at Nevada Neurology and Vascular Center to provide premium quality healthcare with advanced technologies to the Northern Nevada and Eastern California areas. Richard performs multiple variations of vascular testing with an emphasis on the cerebrovascular circulation. He also spends time locally and nationally as a lecturer and teacher.